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Put it in Print

My mother has been known for her cooking skills at the churches she has attended. She gets requests for a specific dishes from time to time. Today I cooked chicken spaghetti, a recipe in a cook book she wrote and it turned out amazing. I’m glad she produced a cook book of our family favorites that we can enjoy as we remember meals around our dinner table. Later I read an email from a friend that blessed my day. I hope the humor in my response made her smile. Four friends have checked on me today via text to make sure I’m safe and healthy during the quarantine. Their words meant so much to me. I have a dear friend who sends me a devotion every day encouraging me spiritually.She has challenged me in my walk with the Lord over and over again. I’m so blessed. This week I received a letter written by my five-year-old granddaughter saying she loved me. I will treasure it in her kindergarten writing. I will put it with the stacks of cards and notes my family has sent me. Many years ago, J.R. went to Timbuktu to build a Christian School/Church for a group of Muslims who had become Christians. He returned with a leather covered trunk for me as a gift. I’ve used this trunk as a place to keep all the cards and notes J.R. wrote to me through our years together. It’s packed. He had a way with words. From time to time I read a few of the cards and remember how he loved me. What am I trying to say? I’m saying…put it in print! It matters to those you love. It blesses other people. It shares your heart and encouraging words with family and friends. You can make a difference with words…so get your writing muscles working!


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