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We desire to strengthen families to make life better for the citizens of this country, while promoting high morals, patriotism and loyalty to the United States. 

We desire to assist two organizations that speak to injustice in America while appealing to men to stand with integrity, strength and a high moral code of conduct .. .leading their families to wholeness in emotions and health. Speaking to men who have been incarcerated, served in the military or have life controlling problems, we desire to encourage them to change. Speaking with the middle0class workers, we encourage them to live up to their potential. When we have strong men ... we have a strong nation. 


I am on the Board of Directors of these organizations. I will speak into the forward moves and projects that focus on injustice and the loss of strict moral standards in America. My writing skills will be an asset as we write books, articles and news columns encouraging Americans to reach their potential and to re-instill strong family values into our culture. I will also edit speeches they give at rotary clubs, gun shows, military gatherings, military events, etc. The men will visit rehabilitation facilities and stress starting over . lives of integrity, offer encouragement for life changes ... offering rehabilitation when applicable. 

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