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Shirley Gould


Shirley Gould is the president of Finish the Task Ministries, an effort to reach the lost of this world with the gospel. She accomplishes this through compassion ministries such as orphanages—meeting the needs of the thousands of street children in Kenya and through ministry conducted in women’s conferences/conventions and local church services in America and on foreign soil.

The Goulds spent ten years in Kenya as missionaries. They started forty-five churches, built one hundred and thirty-seven churches and three Bible schools. J.R. trained one hundred and twenty-seven evangelists—teaching them how to start churches. He brought the Royal Ranger Boys ministry to Kenya. That ministry has spread throughout the country and to many East African countries. Shirley worked as a national officer in the national women’s ministry for Kenya for seven years. She is also the founder/fund raiser for Kenya’s Kids Home for Street Children in Kenya. This orphanage has taken 475 orphans off the streets thus far—giving them a new life, a new hope for a future.

Her ministry has taken her around the world to minister in countries by teaching, preaching, singing and leading teams to build churches, orphanages and camp sites for Royal Rangers. Her ministry has taken her to the Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rico, Ecuador, Colombia, Jamaica, Romania, Kenya, Tanzania/Zanzibar, Mali, Malawi, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland and Mauritius.

With ever-present needs being presented continually, she strives to present the needs to churches and individuals in order to raise funds. Sending money through secure methods, the needs are met one at a time. (Giving through Finish the Task Ministries, givers will receive tax credit at the end of the year for income tax reporting.)

Shirley is available to speak in the States for women’s events, mission conventions and church services. Sharing the vision for those in need of a Savior—in need of food, churches and medical assistance drives her—keeps her returning to minister in Kenya several times a year.


Shirley’s call to ministry keeps her passion alive, keeps her proclaiming a clarion call for those who want to make a difference with their lives, their prayers, and their funds to trust the integrity her fifty years of ministry and allow her to be your hand extended to the lost of this world. There are orphans starving and people needing a Savior. We must do what we can…while we can.  

Board of Directors

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Shelayne McDaniel
VP of International Affairs

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Jana Meeks

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Danny W. Adams

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Steven McDaniel

Linus Vaughn

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