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Finish the Task Ministries

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We must reach the unreached by being his hand extended to the lost of this world. We must...

Finish the Task.

Missionary J.R. Gould was a visionary, a soul-winner. His passion in life was to reach the unreached, whether at home or on foreign soil. He was strategic in his efforts to make a difference among the lost. Before his death he started Finish the Task Ministries to facilitate the projects that burned in his heart.

As in scriptures, great men of God had enormous visions they were unable to fulfill in their lifetime. Those left behind passionately worked to complete the vision that had been set forth. That is where we come in... we must raise funds, build tabernacles, touch the orphans, the hurting and dig the wells.


Kenya's Kids

We, the team at Kenya's Kids Home for Street Kids, have a passion to rescue orphaned children roaming the streets of Kenya East Africa.


For generations women in Kenya have been thought of as property to be bargained for, ruled over and mistreated. But today is a new day for this East African country and opportunities for women are endless. 


Tabernacles & Wells

The need for water in remote villages has burdened our heart. We purchase land, drill wells and build a tabernacle on the same site.

Rescue America

We desire to assist two organizations that speak to injustice in America while appealing to men to stand with integrity, strength and a high moral code of conduct.

Noah's Boat:

House of Hope

Building a brand new orphanage in Kenya.
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Royal Rangers

in Kenya

Since fifty percent of the population is under fifteen years of age since the AIDS epidemic has taken the adult population, teaching the youth is a vital need in Kenya. Girls are included in this program
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