Books by Shirley


The African Skies Series


Flight attendant, Olivia Stone lands in the adventure of her life. The exotic beach of Zanzibar is pure paradise--that is until a powerful Islamic ruler, Aga Kahn mistakes her for a woman long dead, the Sahar of Zanzibar who is returning from the grave to torment him.


Missionary Eli Deckland never believed in ghosts. But there she stood. He didn't see himself as a hero but he boldly steps between his late wife's look-a-like and certain death. Again.


Sparks fly between Olivia and Eli every time their paths collide. Amid the chaos, Eli investigates to prove his wife's murderer is Aga Kahn. Olivia joins Eli's quest to bring Kahn to justice. When Eli's and Olivia's hearts connect, she resists love. A futures together seems impossible with their divergent careers.


After several attempts on Olivia's life, panic sends Eli into action. Is history going to repeat itself? The answer is in the African Skies...


We are watching my mom preach in Texas today at Jana Meeks church, Lindale! Wish I was there.

Sequels to follow

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The Safari Inn Series


A tanzanite's sparkle lures hopeless romantics, wise investors, and greedy thieves. The clash of these three spell imminent danger along the East African coast.


Tanner Zarello works diligently in a race against rising flood waters to mine tanzanite for Ward Enterprises, ten thousand miles away from Angelica Ward, his childhood sweetheart who invades his dreams time and again.


Mason Malone knows he is being groomed to lead Ward Enterprises with Angelica as his bride. As ambition consumes him, he goes to great lengths to see that nothing hinders his plans.


Heiress, Angelica Ward is trapped. Her domineering grandfather, Alexander Ward has her career choices made and her husband selected. Pressured by these demands she escapes to Kenya to see Tanner, praying for divine intervention. Will the Lord grant the desires of her heart ...a future with Tanner?


When a murderous plot brings disaster, Angelica's life is plunged into a maze of intrigue that exposes secrets and shatters dreams, but will it bring the miracle she has prayed for?

Sequels to follow...


Kid's Books



Sand In My Sandals

Stories of miracles we have experienced and lessons learned along the way.

Distant Drumbeat

Missives of the African adventures of J.R. & Shirley Gould.

Kenya's Kids

The story of the street children of Kenya and Shirley's passion to make a difference in their lives.

A Valiant Warrior's Words

A devotional compilation of J.R. Gould's sermons with personal testimonies to challenge toward greatness.

From Shirley's Kitchen

A collection of recipes and family stories about  experiencing cuisine in foreign settings and me adapting them to my southern kitchen.

Release dates coming soon!