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Writing Updates


Meet my Publisher, Linda Fulkerson, owner of Scrivenings Press! Thank you Linda for such a warm welcome to your publishing family.


I'm so excited...The sequel in the African Skies Series has been sent to the publishing company to be edited. It is entitles...Escape From Timbuktu.

And I am currently writing the third book in that series that is set in South Africa.


I’m so excited to sign a contract with Scrivenings Press for my second novel, Escape From Timbuktu, to be released next year. Writing is a passion of mine. JR believed in me and sent me to writers conferences to learn the craft. Thank you for reading my debut novel, The Sahar of Zanzibar. I love taking my readers to Africa through my stories.


I’m at American Christian Fiction writers conference in St Louis, MO. It’s the first time I’ve had AUTHOR badge on my name tag. I’m so excited!


Susie May Warren and Rachel Hauck have taught Donna and Me some much about the craft of writing…we are blessed to have them in our lives!


I had lunch yesterday with a precious author friend, Alena Tauriainen! She has been an encourager to authors for years and has helped me many times! What a blessing she is to so many in Novel Academy… I’m honored to spend time with her while I’m in Texas! Love you Alena!

What I'm reading


A writer must be a reader who constantly hones their craft. I read over 100 books a year and one of my favorite authors is Melissa Tagg. She is a delightful person who has encouraged me on my writing journey. I love and highly recommend her books. Put them on your Christmas list

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