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The African Skies Series


Flight attendant, Olivia Stone lands in the adventure of her life. The exotic beach of Zanzibar is pure paradise--that is until a powerful Islamic ruler, Aga Kahn mistakes her for a woman long dead, the Sahar of Zanzibar who is returning from the grave to torment him.


Missionary Eli Deckland never believed in ghosts. But there she stood. He didn't see himself as a hero but he boldly steps between his late wife's look-a-like and certain death. Again.


Sparks fly between Olivia and Eli every time their paths collide. Amid the chaos, Eli investigates to prove his wife's murderer is Aga Kahn. Olivia joins Eli's quest to bring Kahn to justice. When Eli's and Olivia's hearts connect, she resists love. A futures together seems impossible with their divergent careers.


After several attempts on Olivia's life, panic sends Eli into action. Is history going to repeat itself? The answer is in the African Skies...

Sequels to follow

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