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With a background as an international speaker, an African missionary, and the founder/fund-raiser for an orphanage in Kenya, Shirley Gould has written persuasive non-fiction for over thirty years. Her debut Christian fiction novel was released last year with its sequel to be published soon. Her work shows a passion to create prose that makes a difference.

Today, as a certified copywriter, Shirley is using her writing skills to enable visionary entrepreneurs to attract customers and increase revenue through superb online messaging. After extensive research, she will craft concise high-converting copy as she creates your launch pages, sales pages, email sequences, and webinar scripts. Your audience will grow, and your sales will soar when this joint effort is ignited.

Living in Tennessee, she loves beautiful scenery, southern cooking, and sweet tea. When she isn’t writing, Shirley enjoys traveling, painting, and spoiling her seven amazing grandchildren.


Shirley’s Ink & Copy

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