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It is our heart to build a women's and men's facility for rehabilitation from addiction from drugs and alcohol in Kenya, East Africa. They are currently renting facilities at an enormous price. 

We want to house sixty people entering these facilities so they can receive the help they need. There is a monthly fee for this program. Each person stays in the program for one year, but there is a waiting list to take their place when they graduate. This will be a continual process. 

I lived in Nakuru, Kenya where this women's facility will be built. My building team can construct these facilities with ease. Dormitories, bunk beds, mattresses, linens, kitchen supplies, appliances, chairs and tables, etc. need to be acquired. A well will need to be dug and pens for livestock need to be erected before we buy the animals. A means of transportation will be needed. Director and· staff salaries and housing must be provided. 

This process will be duplicated for the men's facility. Mechanic tools and carpentry equipment will be needed. Masonry tools will be provided so these men can be taught skills to help them once they are rehabilitated. 

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