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Resolution Inclusions for 2017

With Christmas in our rear-view mirror, we’ve over-eaten and gained a few pounds, we’ve maxed out the budget, opened our presents, enjoyed smiles of wonder on children’s faces, visited Grandma and are now ready to face the new year with fervor. It’s a time to slow down and review 2016. Good or bad with its ups and downs…it’s now history…then, with changes in mind, we list our New Year’s resolutions for 2017.

At the top of the list we write our weight loss plans, financial goals and career moves. Some decide to watch less TV, get rid of clutter, drink more water or try to be on time regularly. We each have a list of things we want to stop doing or start doing in the new year. A purposeful focus is always a good idea. But, as we re-enter the rat race, let’s not move too quickly from the meaning of Christmas–the birth of the King of Kings. It’s a sacred holiday that should speak into our everyday lives throughout 2017.

We’ve heard the story year after year, but it begs the question. Are you part of the ‘Inn Crowd’ or part of the “Stable Few?”

The ‘Inn Crowd’ goes through the season without taking to heart the true meaning of the celebration. They don’t allow the words sink in as ‘Joy to the World the Lord is come. Let earth receive her King’ is sung or played on the airwaves. They’re great people who are busy with life but don’t make room for a close relationship with Jesus in their schedules. Scripture says…there was no room for Him in the Inn. Those lodging in the Inn that night in Bethlehem didn’t know an expectant couple needed a place to stay and were sent to the stables. They were so close to the Kings of Kings, yet unaware of His arrival and the significance of His birth.

Yet the ‘Stable Few’ remain faithful, drawing strength as they–like the wise men–still seek the Savior every day. They’ve discovered when you include Jesus in your resolutions you will be transformed, as well as your relationships and your writing. Creative juices flow after you spend time with the Creator.

As we compose our Christian Fiction we have an edge. We can seek the Lord for ideas, for the ability to remember what we’ve learned in classes, books and seminars and ask Him for a juicy plot twist–He specializes in those. When we’re weary, we can request strength and courage to keep writing. Being lonely in this solitary endeavor dissipates when we feel His presents as He sticks closer than a brother. When you’re almost ready to type, THE END, consult Him about a happily ever after ending that will make the reader buy your next book.

Being part of the ‘Stable Few’ ensures a happily ever after ending for us. Weaving this eternal message throughout your scenes invites the ‘Inn Crowd’ to a closer walk with our Lord inviting them to join the ‘Stable Few.’

After all, isn’t that our ultimate goals?

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