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Going in Circles

When I moved to Kenya as a missionary, the Kenyans called me an mzungu. I asked what that meant, but my worker was too shy to tell me. At the end of two weeks, when I had his pay in my hand, I held up his shillings and asked, “What does mzungu mean?”

He hung his head, paused then looked up. “It means run in circles.” With his money in hand, he hurried away.

I was stunned, speechless. But…I am a multi-tasker who moves fast, talks fast, thinks fast and gets the job done. I can understand their perception.

But friend, I have news for you…you’re an mzungu, too. As Americans in our fast paced culture, you run in circles like I do. Think about it.

We go to different jobs, banks, churches and stores as well as various sporting events and sources of entertainment. We live in bustling cities and rural communities choosing different neighborhoods, high rise condos or farm houses with sprawling acreage. We each find our place and become ingrained into our different families and friendships. I call these circles of influence. They represent the opportunities we have on a regular basis to share the Good News of Jesus with a stranger, loved one, relative or friend.

We can’t be like a child spinning so fast we get dizzy. We must slow our pace and notice the lost around us and take advantage of opportunities to introduce them to the Lord.

In Mark 16:15-16 Jesus said…Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. Whoever believes…will be saved.

This is our mandate…our purpose. Time is short and the Lord’s return is nigh. We must make it high priority on our to-do lists. Because…there’s only one thing better than going to heaven…it’s taking someone with you.

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