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Using the Keys

Don’t you love receiving something you know much thought and care had been given when it was chosen for you? My daughter gave me that kind of present. It was a bracelet made out of vintage typewriter keys, a perfect gift for a writer. It brands me as it inspires me to continue pounding the keyboard toward my word count goals, creating Christian Fiction that entertains and influences readers. As authors, it represents the array of tools we use to create our prose, adventures for our audience.

But, if we really look at the keyboard it has the answers people are searching for when they purchase our books, anticipating a good read. Our task is to use the keys to craft a tale that carries the emotions of those reading the words up and down like the arrow keys that move the cursor across the page.

Pressing ENTER, we divide our work into scenes and chapters striving to hook people in the first sentence and keep them turning pages by the powerful last line. As we BOLDLY create our plots with an unforgettable hero and heroine, the characters BACK SPACE, reliving problems in their personal history that are affecting their present day. They desire to ESC wounds of their past, to DEL bad memories and END their personal pain.

When an amazing love interest ENTERs, he or she ALT everything. Reluctantly they SHIFT their priorities to reach for illusive happiness. Using the keys, we INSERT several LOL moments with XOXO as love grows. But when tragedy ENTERS the scene and things spin out of CONTROL, ??? appear, threatening the future.

When you INSERT a spiritual thread giving hope of a Savior who will DELETE their sins and INS peace into their situations, the story takes a SHIFT. With trepidation, your characters allow Him to CONTROL the circumstances and are transformed in the process, presenting an example to those needing the truths we share.

Through the twists and turns we creatively INSERT, the characters ESC the grasp of the past to take BOLD steps toward ‘happily ever after’ with the ones they love. HIGHLIGHTING the transformation of our characters through this journey, with all loose ends tied into a perfect bow, we love using the keys to type…. THE END

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