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Friends and family!


I met a personal goal last week and became a Certified Conversion Copywriter through the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification by Sara Anna Powers.

You may not know the difference between copywriting and copyrighting.

Copyrighting is the process used to protect intellectual property such as books and music.

A conversion copywriter writes words that sell so you don’t have to.

I am now able to help your business by creating...

*Landing pages

*High-converting sales page copy

*Sales sequencing emails

*Website copy

*Webinar scripts

Using research based methods, I create copy for businesses in need of a refresh or who want help launching a new product of offer.

Keep me in mind if you need a copywriter.

"Someday you're going to be someone's favorite author.
I believe in you."

-JR Gould-

New Releases!


Escape from Timbuktu (Book 2)

Elliana Bendale can’t believe her first assignment as a photojournalist is in … well, Timbuktu.

Yes, it sounds remote, but it’s an enchanting ancient city in West Africa, and if she does this right, this project could open the door to a world of exotic assignments. And even better—her translator is a ruggedly handsome Frenchman. What could be more exciting?

Beau de La Croix is not who he says he is. But posing as an interpreter enables him to gather intel about the terrorists threatening Timbuktu. No one needs to know he’s a double agent—especially not Ellie.

Unfortunately, the number one enemy in the world has figured it out, and suddenly Ellie’s photojournalist adventure includes dodging bullets, traveling down a crocodile-infested river, and literally running for her life.

What has Beau gotten her into? And if they survive, can she say goodbye to her hunky hero? Or is his life as a double agent too much excitement for a feisty Texas girl?

When Beau’s worst fears come true, what will he do to save the feisty reporter he can’t seem to shake?

Going in Circles:

A study of the Cycles of Grief

For those who've experienced the loss of someone you loved. Understanding the process will help you navigate your emotions, deal with your grief in a godly fashion and help you begin your personal journey toward healing. I pray that it blesses you during this painful chapter of your life.


The Sahar of Zanzibar (Book 1)

In a scary case of mistaken identity, Olivia Stone is threatened by Aga Kahn, a powerful Indian ruler, because she could pass as the twin of the missionary's deceased wife. Kahn calls her the Sahar of Zanzibar who has returned from the grave to torment him and demands that she leave the island or face his wrath. She'd come to exotic Zanzibar in search of adventure, but she experiences much more.

A handsome widower, Missionary Eli Deckland, steps between Olivia and the angry Indian, rescuing her. There's an instant connection between Olivia and Eli that escalates when he comes to her rescue again and again. Amid the chaos, Eli tries to prove Kahn murdered his late wife. After several attempts on Olivia's life, she's kidnapped. Eli joins the police to find her before it's too late.


Tubby Can't Swim is about a young hippo who wants to learn to swim. Despite the help of his friends, a parrot, a fish, two geese and a crocodile, he doesn't learn how. Then a wise owl tells him hippos don't swim, they push off the bottom of the river to get a breath when they need one. That makes him a happy hippo.


Shirley's Awards for authorship

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